AIML based ATS to automate Talent Acquisition, manpower placement or staffing business process


World’s first platform to crowdsource pre-qualified jobseekers and verified sales leads in exchange for a referral fee


Ready to use and customized workforce productivity and transaction management solutions through mobile app

About  Us

TalentMicro is a next generation technology organization providing products and services in people management domain to empower, digitalize and enhance the productivity of people for the growth of an organization. The key focus area is building products and customer specific projects in the talent management and productivity domain.

Focus on talent management centric technologies
AIML for intelligent automation
Hyper-efficient Product development services
Enterprise mobility based solutions
  • Constant innovation in talent management technologies, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning(AIML) and development of solutions for enterprise mobility
  • Augment products with a 100+ million crowd-sourcing referral member network to source qualified jobseekers and sales leads
  • Dedicated and customized product development services equipped with pre-built libraries to significantly reduce efforts, time and cost

The best ATS platform in the world to support global customers in 15 languages, 120+ countries and to help customers reap the benefit of true AIML adoption and BOT based process automation

  • The fastest and agile cloud based ATS software platform to help employers, manpower placement consultants, contract staffing or project staffing providers
  • BOT Enabled
  • 100% digitalization and automation capability that help you transform your hiring process
  • Built for users to work on both web and native mobile apps support to work from home or anywhere
  • Supports goal/target based working to move into self-managed working model (move out of supervisor based working model
  • Distributed work is support to involve multiple agencies or teams on a common platform
  • Workflow automation with BOT support
Hiring Manager process automation
Recruiter process automation
Vendor Management/Partnering System
Employee or alumni Referral management
Career Portal plug-in
Onboarding portal plug-in

Unleash the power of human-relations by engaging millions of genuine and committed brand ambassadors to source qualified sales leads and right-fit jobseekers in exchange for outcome based referral fee

  • Achieve the business growth and corporate social responsibility in a single steps by engaging public referral members to help build a powerful brand.
  • Publish jobs or product referral schemes along with referral fee to source jobseekers or qualified buyers
  • Update the status of each lead until the lead is successful or dropped
  • Pay referral fee only for those successful transaction where iCanRefer™ will mange the distribution of referral fee share to respective members
  • Avoid spending excessive budget for advertisement, instead invest on people who will help you success and also become loyal to your brand
  • Use the power of 100+ million network who are connect to 4+ billion potential leads in the world


Provide customised software development services to build mobile apps and web applications as per your custom requirement using cutting edge technology that include migration of legacy applications/apps

  • We build mobile and web based application solutions in the following domains
  • HRM Related applications
  • People products to increase productivity and tracking
  • Sales tracking and management applications
  • Freelancer network related developments and crowdsourcing technologies
  • Any other e-commerce or business process automation apps or web applications

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Goals of TalentMicro are to design and develop cutting edge mobile apps and applications in talent management and talent productivity domains that are driven by AIML and 100% digitalization initiatives. The focus areas are in the functions that enhance people productivity, workforce empowerment augmented by public crowd-sourcing solutions to support customer success. In addition to products, customized product development services will help customers achieve 100% digitalization and automation to transform their business process for the next generation. TalentMicro also provides dedicated development teams to design, develop and mange legacy applications, mobile apps or in building new products. The development services are augment by standard component libraries that significantly reduces development time and cost.

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